April 24, 2014

Moving Your Office?

Before you make the final decesion on your new office space may I suggest we talk? You would be surprised how many of our customers over the last 10 years have forgotten key elements to a successful move. Dialtone, Internet Access, Phone System and a Server were all left behind. It is very stressful to move your office and easy to forget some basics. Working with Aspen will ensure you won’t miss any phone calls or emails. Is your new office ready for your Dialtone and Internet? And do you have a place to plug in all your telephones and computers? We provide a free site inspection of your new office to make sure it will be ready for your computers, printer, fax and telephones. Another free service is contacting your dial tone provider and internet service provider to confirm moving your voice and data services. Call Aspen before you sign that new lease and let us build a relocation plan for you. 

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