Sierra Nevada Construction recently had the pleasure of working with the Technical Team at Aspen Communications installing ShoreTel Solutions at one of our offices. We had been using a certified consultant to provide the ShoreTel solutions at two of our offices but developed sever problems with communications between the offices. We dealt with the issue for months trying everything from the ShoreTel side to the MPLS side and we could not pinpoint the cause of the latency. I was referred to Aspen Communications by ShoreTel and within 30 minutes of being on my system they were able to isolate the issue and resolve it. I have sense changed ShoreTel support to Aspen and they have been instrumental in identifying other bottlenecks on my network and providing solutions.

James Gaba Sierra Nevada Construction

We have been with Aspen Communications for over 5 years and are very satisfied with their support and quality of service. Tim is always available to us day or night when we have needed assistance. Aspen Communications installed our ShoreTel phone system, our server and manages our Internet access and dial tone. With one call or email the Aspen Communications crew can get anything that we have needed handled quickly and professionally. When we needed to add a ShoreTel extension with a 702 phone number in our New York office Tim got that done for us. We highly recommend Tim and the Aspen Communications Team!

Jordan Wagner Exit Strategies

In early 2018 we were in the market for a new phone system. Our IT vendor referred us to the phone people they work with, Aspen Communications. Aspen performed a thorough analysis of not only our phone equipment, but also our dial tone. With Aspen’s help we were able to purchase a brand new Avaya phone system, while saving us hundreds of dollars a month on our phone bills. Aspen also helped us implement SIP trunks into our phone system and eliminate phone lines for devices like credit card and ATM machines that no longer required a dedicated phone lines. I recommend Aspen Communications to any business that is looking for a new phone system or ways to save money on their phone bill.

Jason Woywod Prospector Hotel and Gambling Hall

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