Aspen Connect Hybrid VoIP Call Features

Automated Attendant

Call Forward

Black/White List

Attendended/Blind Transfer

Call Detail Records

Call Queue


Music On Hold

Caller ID

Call Park


Voicemail to EMail

Conference Bridge

Call Pickup

Ring Groups

Do Not Disturb

call center icon 01 1

Call Waiting


voip connect icon 04 1

Call Recording

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

802.1X Access


Mobile Extensions

Real Time Security Monitoring

Fax to Email

Fax Server

SIP/SMS Support

Calendar Based Call Routing

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24x7 Local Support

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Unlmimted Calls

Property Management Integration

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Time Based Call Routing

Hybrid VoIP Pricing

HandsetsMonthly Seat CostOnsite Appliance CostLow Usage Seat24x7 SupportInstallationE911Telephone NumberToll Free NumberCall RecordingBuy Now!
1-10 $25/seat/mo $50/mo $5/mo Included! $250 Flat Rate $1.50/mo $1.00/mo $2.99/mo $100 One Time Order Now!
11-25 $23/seat/mo $50/mo $5/mo Included! $500 Flat Rate $1.50/mo $1.00/mo $2.99/mo $100 One Time Order Now!
26+ $20/seat/mo $50/mo $5/mo Included! Quote Required $1.50/mo $1.00/mo $2.99/mo $200 One Time Order Now!