Many businesses these days understand the need for Network Security through items such as Anti-Virus applications and Firewalls, but not many understand the need to physically protect that same data. We implement the Network Security infrastructure to keep attackers from coming into your network and stealing your proprietary information through the network but many businesses overlook the need to protect that same vital information from simply walking out the door. Through the usage of physical security options such as CCTV (Security Cameras) and Access Control Aspen Communications is able to help protect your company’s property from a physical standpoint as well.

Our extensive knowledge of Data and Networking allows Aspen Communications to bring a unique point of view to your physical security needs. We are experts at bringing the concept of the converged business network to life by adding IP control to your existing systems or bringing in brand new IP based security system wide. By bringing the voice/data and security networks together we are able to provide ease of use features such as remote lock/unlock of doors, remote arm/disarm of alarm, facial recognition of anybody in your building, etc…

When partnering with Aspen Communications for your physical security needs you can feel assured that you are getting the absolute best product to fit your needs, with the support of a vendor that has the knowledge to successfully implement and support the solution.