Business Continuity & Covid-19

Recent natural disasters and the Coronavirus have made the ability to work remotely more important.  Back-up cellular or satellite internet, along with Aspen Connect Hosted VoIP, ensure your business stays connected without risk of interruption.  While working away from the office you and your employees can receive and make calls as if they were onsite.  Want a temporary solution?  Aspen can help you with a temporary set up to keep your business working.

Aspen is well-equipped to help your staff work remotely, using  solutions we offer and have implemented in our business.  We can help you with your own solution to make doing business easier during this challenging time.  From our Las Vegas office, we are available to work with your IT support to get you set up with a continuity solution.  Call us today at 800-407-8996, reach out to me at [email protected], or reach out to us online at the bottom of this page.