Four ways music on hold can help your business!

Now more than ever it is important to answer the phone when clients call.  However sometimes for various reason it is necessary to place that client on hold.  For some, a beeping tone or some standard music seems like enough of a solution for placing clients on hold.  While these solutions work you may be missing a great opportunity to inform your clients about your business.  Here are some ways to use to maximize music on hold to your business’s benefit.

  1. Inform the caller about your business.  You can set up a message that tells the caller some information about your company.  Such as: Your location, directions to your building, hours of operation, website address, etc.
  2. Provide new industry knowledge.  Let the caller know what is going in the field you work.  Things like new product releases, industry trends, different manufacturers, etc.
  3. Advertise to the caller.  Inform them about existing and upcoming sales and promotions you are currently having.  Also advise them of other services you offer they might not be aware of. 
  4. Provide FAQ about your products and services.  This is a great way to get need to know information to your clients while saving you time.

No matter if you are on a ShoreTel, Mitel, Panasonic or Avaya phone system, use these tips to maximize the time your clients are on the phone with your company.  Even if you are on hosted VoIP you can use these facts to help increase your presence in front of your customer, your customers knowledge and most importantly your revenue.

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